Our vision

That all people with learning disabilities and autistic people are able to lead full and active social lives and everything that leads from that. It’s not just about the fight for the right to party – it’s the right to live the life you want.

What we believe

We’re a grassroots charity that enables adults with learning disabilities and autistic people to lead active social lives and make decisions about how they want to live their life.

We work to erode social isolation and campaign to challenge limiting social care practices.

We do this through:


To end inflexible support for people with learning disabilities.

To normalise partying for people with learning disabilities.

To re-centre care around what truly matters.

Creating friendships


Supporting people with learning disabilities and autistic people to go out to gigs and events with a volunteer who shares the same interests through our Gig Buddies and Sports Buddies projects.

Our Work

Gig Buddies and Sports Buddies

Gig Buddies and Sports Buddies are our projects that pair up people with and without learning disabilities in Sussex to be friends and to go to events together.

The Stay Up Late Campaign

This is where our charity started and we’re developing more ways for more people with learning disabilities to fight for their right to party!

Gig Buddies in a Box

This is the way that we share our Gig Buddies with other organisations who want to replicate our work.

We want as many people with learning disabilities and/or autism to have social lives as possible and so working with partner organisations who share our passion and philosophy is the best way for us to do this.

We now have partner projects in various locations around the UK and in Australia.


We can provide your staff training around our expertise in:

  • Learning Disability awareness
  • Participation and involving people with learning disabilities throughout your organisation

We’re happy to talk about other ideas you have too and design something to suit you.

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Get involved

Volunteer now

If you live in Sussex why not sign-up as a Gig Buddies or Sports Buddies volunteer.

Enable someone with a learning disability to take part in the things you enjoy and make a new friend while you’re doing it.

Stay Up Late is supported by...

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

Tudor Trust

Seity Socks

Pilot Beer

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