Person-Centred Dreaming – the secret to great support?

How ‘Person-Centred Dreaming’ kick-started Heavy Load’s wild journey

Paul, our Executive Director, shares his experience with Heavy Load. He highlights how Jimmy’s support workers used a person-centred approach to help him achieve his dreams.

Instead he suggests we should stop thinking about ‘person-centred plans’ and start embracing ‘person-centred dreaming’. Plus dreams don’t have to be big; even small dreams can be exciting.

Man wearing sunglasses with his reflection in a framed USA flag, person-centred
Jimmy in New York

Person-Centred Dreaming vs. Person-Centred Planning

Paul believes our current approaches are too rigid. Therefore, he promotes “dreaming,” which focuses on personal dreams and is more flexible.

The Importance of Joy in Social Care

Moreover, joy should guide our work in social care. By incorporating joy, we can improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and bring happiness to workers too.

Supporting People to Achieve Their Dreams

Supporting people to dream validates them. It makes us more invested in their lives. Consequently, this approach can lead to amazing outcomes, like those of Heavy Load.

Being Proactive Support Workers

Furthermore, support workers should be proactive. They need to engage with individuals, follow their dreams, and prioritize this in their lives.

Jimmy’s Amazing Person-Centred Story

For example, Jimmy from Heavy Load had a small dream: to be in a band. His support workers helped him achieve it. As a result, this led to unexpected successes, like playing at Glastonbury and starting this charity.

In summary, supporting people to dream and bringing joy to our work can lead to life-changing experiences for everyone.

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More about Heavy Load

The band started this charity. You can learn more about their story here.

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