About us

We’re a charity that believe that all people with learning disabilities, and autistic people, should be able to lead full and active social lives. This is not only important for peoples’ mental health it’s also good for the health of the whole community.

We challenge inflexible support systems that prevent people with learning disabilities from staying up late.

We know that if you’re supported to have a great social life you’re probably going to have great support around other areas of your life. That’s why being able to choose to Stay Up Late is important.

Imagine Leaving Every Night Out at 9:30

Paul Richards, the Founder of Stay Up Late tells the story of going from a punk band to social campaigning.

More about us

Our advisory groups

Participation and ensuring that people with learning disabilities are able to shape our work is at the heart of everything we do. From recruiting staff, to training volunteers, making big decisions about the ongoing work of the charity and how our projects are run.

Our advisory groups are at the heart of this.

Our projects

About how our Gig Buddies and Sports Buddies enable people with learning disabilities to make new friends and lead full and active social lives.

Our campaigning work with our ambassadors group, working to end inflexible support systems.

Annual reports and accounts

This page is where you’ll find all the information about our annual accounts and our strategic plans.

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