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Imagine Leaving Every Night Out at 9:30

Paul Richards, the Founder of Stay Up Late tells the story of going from a punk band to social campaigning.

What is Stay Up Late about?

Going out to see bands, clubbing, or seeing friends is part of everyday life for lots of people. However, if you have a learning disability you may need support to do this. We have found that lots of people with learning disabilities aren’t able to lead full and active social lives because their support workers finish at 10pm. Meaning lots of people with learning disabilities leave events at 9pm.

We believe that people with learning disabilities have the right to stay up late and have some fun.

Who are we

We’re a charity that was set up to ensure that person centred planning for people with learning disabilities and autism meant that it truly reflected what an individual wanted to do in their life. In particular we were concerned that people with learning disabilities, and autism, weren’t able to Stay Up Late and do the things so many people, who don’t need support, take for granted.

Stay Up Late is a registered charity committed to promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities to live the lifestyle of their choosing.

What we want

We want people with a learning disability to know they can Stay Up Late, and choose how they live their lives.

We want support workers to work different hours so that people with a learning disability can Stay Up Late, or do whatever they choose. We know that lots of support workers don’t mind working different hours, as long as they also have enough time to plan.

Help us by donating

Our community need you! Help more more adults with a learning disability get out and have fun. And help learning disabled people have their voices heard. All donations make a huge difference. Thanks a million for your support from The Stay Up Late  community. Donate here

The story of Stay Up Late

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