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Campaigning for great lives

People with learning disabilities and autistic people holding protest placards. They are protesting for ordinary lives. The placards say 'bad words', 'social life', 'no bedtimes', 'choice', 'happy staff',

Stay Up Late campaigns for equality. We want to make sure people with learning disabilities are able to have active social lives, full of the things that matter.

We want people to have the right:

  • To choose how they spend their time and what their lives look like.
  • To not have their evenings cut short because of inflexible rotas for support staff, blanket curfews or residential homes locking their doors at 10pm.
  • To have the freedom to see friends and build connections within their community.


We believe that Staying Up Late matters because, if you’re supported to do that, you must be supported in other areas of your life and have people around you who care.

A Manifesto for an Ordinary Life

Our Manifesto for an Ordinary Life was written after talking to lots of people with learning disabilities across the country. They all told us there are only 10 things they really want in life, and they’re all things many people take for granted.

That’s why we called it a manifesto for an ‘Ordinary Life’ – we’re not calling for things to be special, and certainly not normal, just ordinary!

It includes things like:

  • The right to decide how I spend my time
  • The right to decide when I go to bed
  • The right to fall in love and have relationships
  • The right to a paid job
  • The right to have a say in who supports me

The No Bedtimes Campaign

We have a network of Stay Up Late Ambassadors around the country to help us get the word out. We work with individuals with learning disabilities and with self-advocacy groups to help turn our manifesto demands into reality. If you are interested in becoming a Stay Up Late Ambassador you can find more information here

Our #NoBedtimes campaign is about giving people with learning disabilities the same opportunities to enjoy great nights out as everyone else. Find out more about our #NoBedtimes campaign here.

If you would like to be involved in campaigning to Stay Up Late please contact info@stayuplate.org

Join the ambassadors

Be part of our campaign ambassadors network. People with learning disabilities from around the UK who are campaigning for change in their local area and nationally.

Campaign resources

We have a variety of resources (videos, posters, leaflets and fact sheets) to help you promote active social lives for people with learning disabilities.

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Support our work and spread the message at the same time with our t-shirts, badges and posters.

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