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Team training

Looking for staff training around learning disability awareness for your staff?

Do you run a company that has customers and/or staff who have a learning disability and you’re not sure how best to support them?

Do not worry we can help you with our tailored learning disability awareness training.

At Stay Up Late we’re all about having serious fun. We do have a lot of fun but there’s always a serious point to why we do what we do.

We cover:

  • An introduction to ‘learning disabilities’ and ‘autism’ and what this really means.
  • How to support people in a way that sees beyond any perceived diagnosis (by seeing them as a person)
  • Communication
  • Practical steps we can all take

Our training will always be co-delivered by a trainer with a learning disability and will also involve a fair degree of fun.

Other courses and workshops

We can also run course on a variety of different subjects. Just drop us a line and let us know what your requirements are.

Examples of the things that we can teach you are:

  • How to work in a way that is truly led by the people you support (setting up advisory groups, governance systems etc)
  • Staff recruitment – Enabling people with learning disabilities to be fully involved in the process of choosing the right staff
  • Campaigning – how to involve people in staging a variety of grassroots campaigns
  • How to write a punk song


“Simon and Rohan were absolutely fab and I’m already getting lots of feedback about how the audience really loved hearing their lived experiences and stories.”

Tamar Goudie of North Yorkshire Council after we ran a #NoBedtimes Zoom workshop for staff and managers

We generally charge a day rate from £750 (plus and travel and accommodation).

This ensures we can also pay our trainers with learning disabilities.

Email us –

Phone us – 01273 418102

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