Training – what we can help you with

Our training is co-facilitated by people with learning disabilities. It draws on our experiences through the work of this charity, from our experiences in the wider world as experts by experience and from working in social care.

Learning disability awareness

  • An introduction to ‘learning disabilities’ and ‘autism’ and what this really means.
  • How to support people in a way that sees beyond any perceived diagnosis (by seeing them as a person)
  • Communication
  • Practical steps we can all take

Our training will always be co-delivered by a trainer with a learning disability and will also involve a fair degree of fun.

“Simon and Rohan were absolutely fab and I’m already getting lots of feedback about how the audience really loved hearing their lived experiences and stories.”


Our approach is to have people with learning disabilities influencing everything we do, from the board of trustees through to ensuring that individuals are making real choices about their social lives.

This training will challenge you to think about different ways in which you can enable everyone you work with to shape your work.

This training looks at:

  • How to involve people throughout your organisation
  • Coproduction – what this really looks like in practice
  • Practical examples of involving people through recruitment of staff
  • Advisory groups and how to throw the idea of the traditional ways we think about meetings out of the window

Our charge

Typically our training fees start at £500 per day depending on size of organisation and income level.

Travel and other expenses are extra.

“This session was the highlight of my year”

Other topics

We have lots of experience of other areas and would be happy to talk about ideas you have for us. Examples could be:

  • How to support people with learning disabilities to go to music festivals
  • How to start a new project
  • Involving people with learning disabilities in staff recruitment
  • Community connecting
  • Group facilitation
  • Making things happen for people with learning disabilities

“Who knew you could learn so much whilst disco dancing!”

“The practical approach really helped me see how I could do the same in my organisation.”

Get in touch

We are more than happy to chat with you to design something that will meet your needs. Please drop us a line and we can chat more about how best to create something for you and your team.

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