Writing a Stay Up Late manifesto for change – comments please

This week we had this tweet sent to us, I imagine it’s fairly typical of how a lot of people feel. I for one agree, I think I’ve been bowling about 6 times in my entire life, however, for many people with learning disabilities it seems to be a weekly trip. I don’t know what it is about bowling that makes people think that it’s a great way of being part of your community, whenever I’ve been I don’t think I’ve particularly got talking with the other bowlers but maybe that’s just me.


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Anyway, here at Stay Up late we want to challenge those long standing traditional activities and enable people with learning disabilities and their support workers to think differently about how you can spend your day, and what things you’d really like to fill your day up with.

We’ve also been invited to run a session at the British Institute of Learning Disabilities annual conference in Birmingham which got me thinking that it’s time for us to write our long promised manifesto for change. What are the things that we believe in and want to change and challenge?

At the same time we want to create the ‘anti-manifesto’ all those things that are used for reasons for people to not lead the lives they want. That way we hope to be able to challenge some of these ideas and enable people to think differently.

So please get involved – tell us:

1) What should be in the manifesto for change?

2) What are the things that need challenging?

We’ll be presenting these to the workshop at the BILD conference and publishing the results later in the year.

If you’re tweeting please add #sulmanifesto

Best wishes

Paul (off to the Bowlplex now, it’s a long time since I last went)



Here’s some ideas:


  • brilliant children young people and adults with LD should have the same aspirations as anyone else !


  • line one of #sulmanifesto that stay up late doesn’t need to exist ‘cos everyone has choice about how they live their life
  • can’t make choices until you have had experiences to choose from & can’t be limited to supporters experience
  • can’t make choices until you have had experiences to choose from & can’t be limited to supporters experience


  • social time shouldn’t be defined by staff shift patterns #sulmanifesto
  • a night out should be as spontaneous as we want it. #sulmanifesto
  • everyone should have the right to take a few risks #sulmanifesto
  • good care workers will find a way. Do change over out and about or ask staff to do unusual shift.


  • all people with learning disabilities should be involved in recruiting their support workers #sulmanifesto

Molly Mattingly

  • Shift the shifts! I want to stay out late!


  • A great childhood.


  • Our council said: ‘I want to have a voice & be listened to’
  • Choices are how we learn who we are. The good ones and, especially, the bad ones. Everyone should be allowed to make them and learn from them. Challenge those who say you can’t make that choice for yourself because of bureaucracy.
  • You need to take it easy as you get older!!’ NO Way.
  • The same as everyone else: friendship, belonging, purpose, security, people who know your name, opportunities.


  • care workers who stay, being ‘allowed’ to stay late in bed, being able to say ‘No’ & mean it, having ace support:)x


  • People should be able to live a life that is interesting to *them* on their terms and not ours.
  • Too much of what we do is predicated upon the idea that there is such a thing as an objectively ‘good’ life
  • When it’s clear there is not. Eg:Ive never understood the obsession with work why does work necessarily make life meaningful?
  • People’s right to do things that we profoundly disagree with or think is a waste/shame should be protected


  • great lives and great links with the community and not just attending groups for other people with learning disabilities.


  • people who say yes you should do it or at least try it


  • Support should be delivered at the time and place that suits the person and the lifestyle they choose!
  • The person should be able to choose WHO supports them, not to mention WHEN WHERE and HOW they are supported.


  • my daughter has autistic ability not an autistic disability an education in a top academic school is best for her


  • Being listened to, allowed relationships, friendships, feeling valued by others, able to contribute, make choices


  • shame there aren’t more that work like this! All care providers should provide a service that is user led not organisation led


  • spread word @ conf on access to sport & physical activity opps enabling talented athletes to excel #sulmanifesto


  •  just a thought sometimes to experience the best of life you need to take a few risks check out our patron @NathanDoidge


  • Challenge any use of disability hate language in the media


  • My sons have PAs, they enjoy flexibility. Spontaneity as much as we can, but even PAs need to know their hrs


  • Don’t get me started on media saying someone “suffers from Down’s syndrome”

@Outambition we A&E discussing ideas around change as a group will Tweet our thoughts

A ‘Militant Carers Manifesto’ – here’s a fantastic contribution:

Miltant Carer Manifesto by I M A Carer


  • Simply access to the good things in life…friends, sex, laughs, risks, work, connection


  • how? Creativity from support with a can do attitude

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