Why we’ve gone off Facebook and moved to Mighty Networks

Stay Up Late has grown as a social movement thanks to our supporters on the ground all over the UK, and overseas, and using our Facebook Group has been instrumental in making that happen. We now have getting on for 3000 members on our group so you might be excused for asking why we’re switching to a new network. On Mighty Networks!

There’s various other things we could try: forums, Slack channels, and a private members area on our own website. Or we could just stick with Facebook. But there are a few reasons why we’re not happy with Facebook.

What’s wrong with Facebook?

  • It’s really hard to keep track of conversations by topic as they just keep moving down the page as a new conversation is added.
  • Occasionally our group gets hijacked by people taking things off topic, or spamming us with adverts.
  • But even worse about Facebook is it’s so bloody distracting. Just look at it!

There’s information and newsfeeds all over the place and it won’t take long before you get sidelined by a cute video of a kitten doing something hilarious.

  • And then there’s all the shady stuff Facebook have been doing with our data.

I’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want

There’s things we’d really love to be able to have too:

  1. Our own App where discussions were focussed just on the core things we’re campaigning about – to improve the lives of learning disabled people and people with autism.
  2. A focussed space where we can post and share information and resources that people will find really useful, and will be easy to find.

So that’s why we’re shifting to a Mighty Network. The difference between a Mighty Network from a Facebook Group is that not only will it let us have these things but also:

Facebook Groups don’t have a way to connect or introduce members to each other. 

This means that there is no way to build relationships among the most relevant people that are most important to them. We think it’s important to be able to build relationships between members as we grow.

Facebook Groups don’t have Topics. 

We want to be able to have conversations about different aspects of what we’re campaigning on, that could be ‘news’, ‘resources’, ‘how to guides’, ‘opinion blog posts’, or something else.

This means a Facebook Group is only limited in how useful it is, and conversations tend to pass by quickly. This limits engagement.

Facebook Groups generate little data for the us. 

This means we don’t know if what we’re sharing is useful for our community.

What you need to do now

Don’t worry – not a lot is going to change and the switch-over is really simple.

This is also all going to be an experiment for us, so bear with us, but we’d really like you to join our Mighty Network and experiment with us.

We’ve also been advised that the best way to build engagement is to charge for it, but we’re not going to do that.

We know money is tight in social care at the moment and so we don’t want to charge, but we do want to get an active network of 500 people going. (We have no idea if this will be possible of course but we’re up for trying).

Join us now

So please join our Mighty Network and join a growing community of people committed to improving things for the better for learning disabled people and people with autism.

You can sign up here (and it’s free!)

Also it’s now the first place where we’re going to post up any news, and there’s quite a bit to tell you about at the moment, so don’t miss out.

We’re not switching off the Facebook Group yet – but the plan is that we will if this experiment works. Please also free to share this with your friends and invite them in.



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