Who is the new Jim Davidson?

  •  PaulR
  •  03/12/2011
  •  News

With all the strikes, and cut backs it’s been said before that it’s just like the 1970s all over again.

Back in the 70s those old school comedians who told racist and sexist jokes, like Jim Davidson and Bernard Manning, were shown to be past their sell by date by the new wave of alternative comedians. But with more and more ‘ironic’ comedians causing offence through lazy routines deliberately intended to antagonise marginalised groups, and those of us who are labelled as ‘politically correct’, who is going to show these people they’re past their sell by date?

What we’ve got is another wave of comedians who are sticking to old lazy formulas in an attempt to shock and outrage with the sole aim being to cause outrage, without any attempt to challenge established views, start debate or change the way we think. They are happy to cause offence and outrage as they appear to think that’s their job. Much like Jim Davidson who’s loyal fanbase laughed at everything coming out of his mouth without question.

So who now is the new Jim Davidson? Ricky Gervais, Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson (not strictly a comedian I know)?

It’s time to realise that things have to move on – as well as not buying their latest DVD and autobiography perhaps we can accuse them of being ‘The New Jim Davidson’ – what could be more offensive than that?

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