We’re recruiting a quality checking team

We are starting a new quality checking project where we will be working with a local support provider to check the quality of their services.

We are looking for 3 people with learning disabilities to join our team to help lead on this project. 

You will need to be based in Sussex and able to make your own way to our office in central Brighton.

You will be paid £8.75 per hour and expected to work between 8 and 10 hours per month.

The deadline for applications is 18th July ’18

If you are successful in being shortlisted you will be invited to interview on 23rd July.

Easier to read advert

Download the easier to read advert here to find out more about the job.

The sort of person we’re looking for

Read more here about to find out the sort of people that we are looking for to join our team.

Complete the application form

To apply to work with us please complete the application form which you can download here (as a PDF or Word document).

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