Wellbeing at Stay Up Late

What we’re doing about wellbeing for the team

Last year was an intense year for Stay Up Late. In the space of 3 years we’ve grown from one member of staff to 4 and from a couple of informal volunteers to over 70 and counting, plus over 70 participants with learning disabilities that we’re working with. In all the excitement and effort to make things happen our wellbeing can take a pummelling.

It’s been an incredible few years and it’s also seen us run trips to Glastonbury, Poland, Belgium, Iceland, Spain, Malta and Australia as well as speak at events up and down the country.

There were a few really difficult moments over the past year too, we were obviously keen to meet the demand for Gig Buddies and continue what we’d started and so our application to the Big Lottery was an important moment for us. The application process also felt like it was all consuming at times, a very intense process for at least half the year. I was also working part-time for Think Local Act Personal as their national Co-production Advisor, a job I loved, but travelling to London 3 days a week and trying to run the charity too proved to be incredibly challenging.


In such a tense working environment cracks are bound to show and so we decided to have a team away day where the focus would be on producing absolutely zero work things to do, instead we would spend the day showing appreciation for each other and focussing on our well-being.

It really was a fantastic day and central to that was the expert and thoughtful facilitation from Max St John from Wild Things. You can read more about his approach with us here. Changing the world with less stress.

It’s easy when you’re working in a small charity like ours to just put the pedal to the metal all the time, working frantically to try and change your small corner of the world, without paying attention to your own mental health, or those around you.

I would recommend Max’s approach to anyone, get out in to the countryside, talk, walk, don’t talk, think and show love and appreciation for yourself and your colleagues.

Thank you Max.


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