Volunteering at Stay Up Late

  •  PaulR
  •  05/06/2015
  •  News

My Name is Chris Rider and I am a Volunteer for Stay Up Latechris

I love been a volunteer at Stay Up Late, helping the lovely Holly who is there administrator in the office with Paul Richards, Madeline Deny and Kate Ogden. I volunteer every Friday morning from 11 – 5 . What my job includes is writing blogs, updating the newsletter and database, doing the stamp run, tidying up the office and checking the minutes after the previous Storm and Thunder meeting also adding pictures.

This Summer I am going to Glastonbury as a volunteer Access Steward, helping to run the disabled access viewing platforms. This is organised by a charity called Attidude is Everything, and I went last year with two other friends David Briggs and Berhana Wells, two volunteers called Swetha and Imogen also Madeline and Paul came. It was so awesome that I am going again this June.

This time there is 11 of us going and I can’t wait as I am already excited about it, there is three of us volunteering as stewards in the week and the rest of the guys are helping out at the Stay Up Late marque.


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