Video about Gig Buddies Sydney

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  •  06/11/2015
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More about Gig Buddies Sydney

We were thrilled to get sent this video from Gig Buddies Sydney showing the impact of the project from a young man with learning disabilities, his volunteer and his mum. See the bottom of this post to watch the video. Here’s a bit of background about how it came about…

Our partnership with ACL Disability services, in Sydney, Australia, happened through a chance conversation at the BILD Conference in Birmingham back in 2013. I was actually talking about the work I’d been doing at Southdown Housing Association with their Q-Team, enabling people with learning disabilities to assess the quality of support services.

I can’t quite remember how we got on to talking about Gig Buddies but Carol (the CEO of ACL) was explaining that there was a double problem in Sydney. Not only were people with learning disabilities finding it difficult to access regular community life, but also small live music venues were closing down. The time seemed right to pitch the idea of Gig Buddies to the city council, which she did and they loved the idea.

Video about Gig Buddies Sydney

It was a complete dream that we’d be able to set up Gig Buddies in another location. For the first of these new projects to be on the other side of the world was just beyond our wildest expectations. We’d also found kindred spirits in Carol and her team. They all shared our commitment to running Gig Buddies in a way that enabled people with learning disabilities and autism to develop informal friendships through a love of music.

Another dream was of course being invited to go out to Sydney to train the team and help launch the project. Here’s a picture of me, Andrew and Madeline taking time out to have a tour of Sydney harbour.

Video about Gig Buddies Sydney

The Video

This short video was made as part of a university project by Annabel Manning. We just love it!

We’re inviting other organisations who share our ethos and approaches to work with us to set up more Gig Buddies projects. If you’d like to find out more please follow the link below and get in touch.

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