Victoria’s thoughts and feelings now we are out of lockdown

Victoria is an Ambassador for Stay Up Late. Here she shares her thoughts about coming out of lockdown and how she has adapted.

My thoughts and feelings now we are out of lockdown

By Victoria Smith

Hello. It’s Victoria Smith here. It’s been such a long time since I did a blog, the other day I was looking at my old blog when I wrote about lockdown. Now we are out of lockdown, I thought I’d do a blog about my thoughts and feelings all about it, so here we go guys.

Out of lockdown

It seems so long ago now when I was talking about being in lockdown. And I’m now talking about how we’re out of lockdown. And when I think about what happened when we came out lockdown and started to go out more and started to be able to see more of our friends and family and go back to work, there are a few things I’m worrying about as we do need to stay safe and make sure stays everyone well and we don’t catch COVID-19.

I remember coming back to work after lockdown and it felt so weird coming back to the office and getting the train again and getting up early, but there is always that worry of catching COVID-19 and making sure we keep everyone safe. I take a test every time I go to work or I go out or I’ve been out nightclubbing. But I think now it’s 2022 we are just getting used to it.

I honestly don’t know where the past two years have gone. It’s like I’ve been asleep for the past two years but I have managed to go to few gigs and pub trips, of course, and bowling. And now everything is going back to how it used to be. I do think to myself, is everything really going to go back to how it used to be before lockdown? I think COVID-19, we’ve always been there, and it’s just like the flu. We got used to that but if I’m in a big group or in an area with a lot of people I put my mask on just to be safe.

I do think since lockdown everyone’s been a bit scared of a few things and that’s okay. I felt really worried about everything and it was really hard for me to get used to going back to doing my own food shopping and going to work and getting the train and going out to socials and nightclubbing. But it was amazing how everyone came together during lockdown and supported each other through it all and we got through it all. As I always like to say when life give you lemons eat the lemons.


I thought it would be great to talk about masks because I think everyone is thinking whether they should be wearing the masks or not and when they should.

I’m going to share my thoughts and feelings on this. As you know, now we don’t really need to wear masks everywhere we go. But at some places we still need to wear them, like when I went to the doctors I had to still wear my mask.

And we do still need to think about rules. In some places they will still ask you to put the masks on. But when I’m out and about I don’t wear my masks, only when I’m in places that say please can you wear a mask.

All through lockdown I found it really hard to wear the masks because it was really hard going out. Then going into a shop you had to make sure you wore a mask and when you got the train or bus you had to wear one and going into places you had to wear the masks. But we managed to stick to the rules that were put in place and I’m really proud of everyone because it is really hard getting used to something that is new and you have to do it.

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