Victoria’s Story – Finalist for Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List

We are very, very proud that our own Gig Buddies Assistant, Victoria Smith, has made it to the finals of the Learning Disability Leaders List in recognition of all her brilliant work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Victoria tells her own story in this blog here.

Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List

By Victoria Smith

The annual Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List celebrates people who are making things better for themselves or others.

Because of Coronavirus they are running a special Coronavirus Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List this year. They want to celebrate the amazing things people with learning disabilities and/or autism are doing to help themselves or others during this historic time.

The Leaders List is run by three charities: Dimensions, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and Learning Disability England. Entries are judged by a panel of judges.

And this is when it started to get amazing. My team at Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies thought it was amazing the things I have done since lockdown. They thought it was so amazing that it would be great to nominate me for this award – which I am so proud of.

Because of lockdown, as a team we thought about what we could do to support our Gig Buddies to stay connected. I came up with the idea of coffee mornings, and the rest of the team thought was good to put our socials online. We do a social every week on zoom and a coffee morning each Tuesday where we sit and chat about what everyone’s been up to. We talk about anything they want to and I, Victoria, help run the Coffee Morning on zoom.

I love helping our Gig Buddies and helping them brings a smile to my face when they enjoy the zoom chat. We were also doing the Gig Buddies Coronavirus Fest and I was even running my own gig on there – Victoria’s One-Woman Show.

It has been amazing news to me getting nominated for this award for the hard work I put in since lockdown and in helping all of our Gig Buddies.

I do it so I can put a smile on everyone’s faces – and mine, too! I love the job I do and coming to all the zooms and chatting. And finding out I got to the Finals is the most amazing thing for our work place and for me and our Gig Buddies. It just shows how much people know the hard work we put into it in the end. We find out hopefully next month if we have won a place as one of the winners.

More information about the Coronavirus Learning Disability & Autism Leaders List 2020 is available here



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