Victoria’s blog: My experience in lockdown and thoughts

Victoria Smith is a Stay Up Late Ambassador and also works for Stay Up Late as assistant on the Gig Buddies project. In this blog she talks about her experience of lockdown and working from home for the first time. You can also keep up with all Victoria’s adventures on her own personal blog site here

My experience in lockdown and thoughts

by Victoria Smith

Hello. Victoria here again. I’m loving all the feedback I’m getting on my blog. It is such an amazing way to share my thoughts and what I do in my time so there will be many more coming your way! Let’s get started!

This Blog is going to be about what has been BIG NEWS on our TV and everywhere for nearly a year now and it’s about Lockdown and COVID-19.

So it all began this time last year where we all now know about COVID-19 and what happened. But this is my story on what happened to me during this time so far and how I managed it all.

Working from home

So everyone who knows me knows I have a job at an amazing work place in Brighton called Stay Up Late. I help run the project Gig Buddies and I love the job so much. It helps me do more things in my life. Part of the job was travelling to work on the train and bus and when COVID-19 hit us it stopped me traveling to work. But this didn’t stop us from working. On the day the news broke that we were going into lockdown and that we all had to stay at home, my mind went all over the place. Like how am I going to work and what I will we be allowed to do still?

There were lots of things that played on our minds when lockdown came to us. But as the amazing support team that we are at work we just said “we got this” and got on and made a plan. I found at first that it was okay listening to the news about the new rules and what to do and how to be safe during this hard time for us all. From day one I’ve have stayed at home – and I tell you now I’ve never been stuck in my flat ever for this long.

I had to get used working from home which for me was a very new thing so I had to put things in place because working from home isn’t like working in an office. But we did it and have been doing it for a whole year now.

My own life in lockdown

As you might not know I live in supported living because I need support, but I mostly I do all my stuff myself like my meds and dinner and keeping my flat tidy when I can. But when this all happened I was like I’m going to get so bored very fast because of being in my flat all the time. Because I would normally be traveling to work two days a week so my plan was all changed. Some people don’t like new things in their life and I can be like that sometimes. When we went into full lockdown I wasn’t allowed support as we know this virus is very dangerous but I didn’t mind it as I was working and doing my own things.

I was really enjoying being in my flat. I was listening to music more which I love. Music and The Killers are on every day for me now. Someone who loves The Killers got me into it. As well, I have played the sims 4 more and more then. Normally, I wouldn’t at all. And I’ve done home projects which has been so much fun and sorting out my flat more and getting it more tidy and lovely.

My thoughts about lockdown and COVID-19

I think about Lockdown and COVID-19. It has been all hard for all of us and we managed to keep it all together and we had to give up a lot to keep all our loved one’s safe and us safe and I would do the same again. But really, listening to news can be so tiring I don’t really watch it. But since then I’ve had my first jab last Friday which I’m happy that I’ve had it now.

A big thank you to the NHS

But I want to says big thank you to the NHS for helping us keep safe and looking after the sick when they needed help and getting better and doing the clap every Thursday to show our support. We have learn from this. They do an amazing job and we should show our support and love to them.

Another big thank you to our amazing team

Another big thank you to the amazing team I have at work supporting everyone during this hard time. And my friends and family. It is just amazing how something like this has made some people closer and helped them find out more about each other. But at the same time we have learn what being lonely really means to us and what you can do about it

Hope you all enjoy this blog.


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