Victoria has been at Stay Up Late for 2 years!

When I first came to join the team at Stay Up Late and the Gig Buddies Project I didn’t know anything about them , so it was all new for me – which I loved learning about. Before I started at Stay Up Late I though the way my support was provided to me was normal and acceptable. Working here has opened my eyes to see that there is a problem with the way support is given to many people. 

I’ve never really been good at working as a team but working with Stay Up Late has  helped to improve this. I have been given lots of support to help me get better and this has improved my confidence. I like feeling part of the team now.  

This is my first job so I didn’t know anything about working in a job place.  I didn’t even know how to act or talk in a work environment. At first I was scared to travel to Brighton as it is a big place. My mum didn’t like it at first because Brighton is  very busy and was worried for my safety. Workaid helped mum to feel relaxed about this in the end. 

 know looking back on the last two years, I have learnt so much about how to be in a work environment and what is right and wrong. I have amazing co-workers to help me get through the day and when I don’t want to do a task they help me do it or explain it in a way that I understand. My team encourages me to do things and take pride in my work. I am very lucky to have an amazing team.

The things I love most about my job is doing match meetings. This is because some of the gig buddies have been waiting over a year or so and are really excited to get matched. It feels good helping them to start a friendship.

I also love going to gigs! Before I started this job I never really been to a gig and so going with work was my first time. I didn’t know what to expect but now love going to the gigs and helping out at the them.

I’ve seen people grow from a little seed to a big flower, once they are matched to their gig buddy. This makes me feel fabulous because I know that I have helped them have the life they want.

I have also learnt lots of skills like, using our new database, first aid training, how to interview people, how to support volunteers and learning to be more professional.

In the future I would like to do some interviews on my own. I am working towards this with the help of the team.

I hope that one day we live in a world where there are no bed times for people with learning disabilities!


Victoria 🙂 

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