Valentines Day top tips

  •  PaulR
  •  14/02/2012
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Hi all and a Happy Valentines day.

We thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share Julian’s top tips for getting a girlfriend. Julian shared these tips with us at the last ‘Kiss My Disco’ night, out nights run by people with learning disabilities and open to all. He managed to get quite a few phone numbers too, and he wanted to share his ideas with everyone.

1) Look around for a girl you like

2) Wait until she smiles at you

3) Go up and ask if she would like a drink

4) Ask her about her hobbies

5) Speak to her about those hobbies and interests

6) Then when she asks you, you talk about your hobbies and interests

7) When she leaves ask her for her number

8) Then wait one day because if you call to soon she’ll think you’re after sex. Leave it too late and she’ll think you’re not interested so wait one day.

9) Always smell nice and dress smartley

10) Always keep eye contact and smile

Don’t forget the next Kiss My Disco event is in Lewes on 23rd Feb and we’ve got more lined up in different towns and venues over the next few months.

Paul Richards

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