Top 40 Campaign – Help Required!

  •  PaulR
  •  13/03/2009
  •  News

Get Heavy Load on Radio One!We are trying to get the Stay Up Late song (backed with ‘We love George Michael’) into the charts. We understand that if we succeed the song will have to be played on Radio 1 which will be a fantastic way of further spreading word of the campaign!

The fun starts on Monday 16th March and there’s a Facebook site to coordinate our efforts. The songs will be available on all the usual download sites and cost as little as 79 pence.

We need at least 5 times as many people as we know to download it in order to make this work, so please tell everyone you know – mates, family, neighbours, work colleagues… Let’s make it happen!

We’ll post up further information next week and updates as the week progresses.

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