Voices of Gig Buddies: Angee

  •  Florence Little
  •  17/01/2023
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Angee is a Gig Buddy we reached out to, hoping to hear what she thought of the experience.

Here are her thoughts on being a Gig Buddy and what made it special.

Flicking through a freebie paper from my local council, I unexpectedly came across an interesting article about a charity called Gig Buddies that were looking for volunteers in my area. I read, then reread the piece again – arguing with myself whether this was something I could do.

Two weeks later I ran the idea past my daughters as I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. They laughed that no one would share my musical tastes or want to go out with someone who dances like no one is watching. Inspired by their encouragement!!! I plucked up the courage to give the lovely Kate at Gig Buddies a call. Kate assured me that I actually ticked lots of boxes for being a volunteer (Ha Ha to my daughters) and carefully explained the process of how to become one, answering all of my questions.

So, quite soon after completing training day, I found myself being invited by Malcolm from Gig Buddies to meet with Daniel and his carer Roy in my local ‘Spoons’. Our Gig Buddy journey had begun.

Daniel and I quickly became good friends, we discovered that not only did we share a love of the same music (Ha Ha again to my daughters), gigs, concerts and shows but we also enjoyed castles, animal parks, train stations and football matches.

When Covid struck we really had to become inventive with how we could keep our friendship going. We would watch TV programmes and then ring each other in the adverts to discuss the plot. One time we discovered, after about an hour, that we were watching entirely different episodes of the same programme and hadn’t realised.

As the restrictions lifted, we met in the park to fly a kite, play boules or just chat. Playing Ludo or Snakes and Ladders two meters apart on a park bench was an interesting challenge. We were so delighted when the time came that we could resume meeting our Gig Buddy friends for bowling or evening meals out and to go for drives on a Sunday to get an ice cream or cake. Whatever the circumstances we never seem to run out of things to do.

Looking back at the time I spent wondering if this would be a good idea, I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be. I would 100% encourage anyone reading this to make that call and give it a go. Being a Gig Buddy volunteer will be one of the best things you decide to do.

Have Fun Together – Angee Holford


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