The (un)Ordinary Conference

A conference where ALL the speakers had learning disabilities, telling us how they were leading 'ordinary' lives and asking the question - 'how can we make this more ordinary for more people with learning disabilities?'

Our conference highlights video

Links and articles

Campaigning workshop

A look at the questions and ideas coming from the workshop session on how to create a network of campaigning activists for Stay Up Late.

Stay Up Late trustee Dan reports back!

Dan, one of Stay Up Late’s trustees, reports back from the conference and his breakout workshop.

‘Never mind the bollocks – just support me to lead an ordinary life’ – Dr Claire Bates in Learning Disability Today

Post-conference press release – reflecting on a packed-out an incredible day!

Pre-conference press release – about the (un)Ordinary Conference

Meet the speakers from our (un)Ordinary Conference

Amber Okpa-Stother

Simon Richards

Scott Watkin

Raana Salman

Phil Dyer

Mind The Gap

Laura Small

Fin Williams

Fiifi Tetteh

Emily Shanahan

The Include Choir

Campaign 4 Change

Ben Adams

William Haws

Tilley and Del

The Storm and Thunder Team

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