The Stay Up Late Ambassadors Go Green!

The Stay Up Late Ambassadors are the public face of our campaigning. These are people with a learning disability and/or autism who help us spread the word about the changes we want to see.

Stay Up Late Ambassadors Go Green!

Our Ambassadors have recently been discussing the environment. We talked about ways in which we can all help protect the earth and help to make a difference. We came up with a few tips and some bigger changes we’d like to see, too.

Shop local and shop eco-friendly

Tracy talked about her work in an eco-shop selling recycled products where they also run a refill scheme to cut down on waste.

Re-usable coffee cups

Nicole and Rohan talked about taking your own reusable cup out with you when you go out, rather than buying coffee in paper cups.

Planting flowers and making bunting!

Nicole told us about guerrilla gardening and planting flowers. She is also involved in a project reusing old fabrics to make bunting.

Environmentally-friendly products

Our ambassadors want to encourage everyone to buy environmentally-friendly products wherever possible. Examples include buying bamboo toothbrushes rather that ones made out of plastics.

Improved recycling

Some shops offer battery recycling facilities and we want to see more of those.

Composting food waste

As well as recycling, composting is important, too. This could be either composting kitchen waste in your own garden or putting it in a special bin to be collected by the council.

Encouraging people to get involved

The Stay Up Late ambassadors want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in campaigning to make a difference.

What is your council doing?

Daniel thought we should contact our local councils to find out what they were doing.

Campaigning needs to be inclusive for everyone

Rohan said it was also important that people with disabilities can take part in environmental campaigns. He said that groups like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace need to produce campaign materials in Easy Read format.

Businesses could do more

Finally, we all thought businesses should be doing a lot more, too. Tracy mentioned a project where one supermarket gives food to the local food bank to stop it being wasted.

Make a difference

We hope you find our Ambassadors’ tips useful but we also want the main environmental campaign groups to do more to ensure people with disabilities are included.

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