The Stay Up Late Ambassadors – Dania’s story

We have some amazing Stay Up Late Ambassadors all around the UK. Our Ambassadors are people with a learning disability and/or autism who help spread the word about Stay Up Late and give people a voice. In this blog Dania tells her own story.

Dania’s story

My name is Dania Bey. I am 23 years old who has learning difficulties such as global development delay and I have have problems such as anxiety and depression.

I find counting money difficult and also I find it hard when other people are talking over me and also interrupting me. It makes me forget what I am talking about. I also find communication with people difficult.

I find questions difficult to answer sometimes with big topics.

I find it hard to talk to people when they aren’t my family and also I don’t like it when too people are around me .

I find it easier to communicate with people by knowing them first before I trust them.

I like it when people give me a task and I’ve done it myself. It’s easier to have simple tasks and for people to show me before I do it.

I get worried easily and I get too stressed out easily.

I also have a part time job in McDonald’s in customer care.

I am also part of the Special Olympics doing badminton. I really enjoy it. It helps me with balance and concentration.

I am also part of Stay Up Late ambassadors as a volunteer.

I am also part of Gig Buddies as a member.

I also like colouring in and play my switch as well.

I am also part of get2together as a member and volunteer.

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