Gig Buddies newsletter – Oct/Nov ’15

Here’s the latest Gig Buddies newsletter with news and reviews.

It’s been another busy few months here at the Stay Up Late offices as our Gig Buddies project grows and grows and we now have over 60 pairs of buddies regularly going out to gigs. On top of that we’ve got more volunteers and participants signing-up and we’ve also been really busy getting out to various events to raise awareness and attract new volunteers.

In this Gig Buddies newsletter you’ll find news about gig reviews, our brand new logo, our new Gig Buddies website, and things like:

  • What we got up to at the Together the People festival in Preston Park.
  • What socials are coming up, including club nights, salsa dancing and beer festivals.
  • Our Gig of the Month.
  • Events listings.
  • News of our Annual General Meeting and how you can get involved.
  • Our sponsored night walk.
  • Our ‘Happiness Walk’ for World Mental Health Day.
  • A review of the lovely Gregory Porter by Christian.
  • Our trip to Glastonbury Festival.
  • How to get free tickets for gigs.
  • Gig Buddies own beer!
  • Other interesting events like the Oska Bright Film Festival, the Spectrum new music nights at Brighton Dome, the Rock House nights.

Gig Buddies newsletter - Oct/Nov '15

We’d love to know what you think about the newsletter and please send us anything you’d like included. We’re always interested to hear what gigs you’ve been to and would particularly like to see photos of what you’ve been up to so we can share them.

For other up to date news don’t forget to look at our Facebook Page and we’ll also keep you up to date through our email newsletters too.

We’re off to practice for our night walk now. It’s going to be 20 miles across the downs with breakfast on the seafront on Sunday morning. Who thought that was going to be a good idea?


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