The ‘New Normal?’ Working from home by Victoria Smith

Coronavirus is a virus that has affected lots of people around the world. I am one of the people who is affected by this because the government have advised us to work from home to stop the virus from getting worse. So that has meant we had to shut the office for the time being earlier this week.

People like me, because I have a learning disability and asthma, I could be at higher risk of getting the virus and the government advised us to not use public transport. The way I understand it is that if lots of people get train or bus and if someone with the virus touches something then we do without washing our hands or use hand gel we could get infected too. It’s a scary time for people with learning disabilities to have to think about all the extra things we need to be careful of.

The government have asked people to stop going to pub, restaurants, movies, or any places that would have a large group of people to help stop the virus going around. This means live music venues too which is a big part of what our gig buddies project is all about – getting out in the community.

But for now, we suddenly have work at home. It’s really new to me as I’ve never work from home and there was no real warning this would happen so it’s going to take me some time to get used to it. I had my first video call with the team today on Google hangout. To be honest it was so weird talking through video call and talking about how will can work from home and how to support our gig buddies as a project.

Week one of social distancing – the gig buddies coordinators sharing records they love!

We care a lot all about our gig buddies and we had to postpone all socials as the government want to keep everyone safe doing that we had to cancel all events until things calm down. But we are all working as team at this hard time to make our gig buddies feel less lonely which means we will be checking in and planning stuff on social media, like our new CoronavirusFest which will launch tonight at 8pm on facebook where anyone can log on and watch live music online. You can watch it here

It will be hard for lots of people to get used to but especially for our stay up late ambassadors and gig buddies who have a learning disability like me. We are doing everything we can to support people through this, we don’t know how long this will go on but we work together to help.

Please read the official government guidelines for advise for vulnerable people about social distancing, and go to the nhs website to get official medical advise.

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