The meaning of ADHD by Victoria Smith

October was ADHD Awareness Month. Stay Up Late Ambassador Victoria Smith has been writing a series of blogs for us to help people better understand ADHD. 

The meaning of ADHD

By Victoria Smith

This blog is about examples around the meaning of ADHD.

ADHD can be a long word to explain. But when you’re an adult the word does change to ADD.

It normally means when someone can’t stay on task or finds it really hard to focus. But the whole word ADHD mean Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a really long word and even I forget the whole word sometimes.

Some people think it is it is about attention seeking, but not all ADHD is like this at all. When I was young I remember just having lots of behaviour problems which is linked to having ADHD for people like me.

I take meds to help me with the disorder. But it can be very hard when people call you names because you have ADHD.

I found if you try really hard to focus on a task you get the task done. And I find telling people how I feel is really hard because half the time I don’t know what I am feeling. That is part of the disorder as well. But I always think we are who we are and we should never be shamed

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