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Storm and Thunder minutes 8.9.17


Who was at The Meeting Kate, Paul, Harri, Dan, Chris, Claire, Bernie and Holly   Who Couldn’t Make it David, Jamie, Rami and Chris Rider   News From The Storm and Thunder Team Dan – Fun Science Workshop this Week with Stay Up Late. Did last Puppet show and ate some messy Watermelon. Claire + […]

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Storm and Thunder meeting 16-6-2017


Storm and Thunder Meeting   Friday 16/06/17   News from the Storm and Thunder meeting Chris Rider – has Been To Lanzarote Victoria – Busy Working This Week, Boiler Blew Up and has Holiday in August to Burnley to see family Harri – Saw a Friend not seen for 2 Years, got a Social Tonight Holly […]

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Storm and Thunder meeting May 2017


News from the Storm and Thunder team Claire – Gardening, Newsletter Chris Rider – Going on Activities Been working at The R.S.P.C.A. Fed Some Creepy Crawlies Tom – Looking For Flats To Be Independent Daniel – Went To Every Sort Of Peoples Festival at Lewes Luc – Helped To With Research Bernie – Went To […]

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Support worker – what makes a good one?


What makes a good and bad support worker? What makes a good and bad support worker is a question we asked the Storm and Thunder Team. We called the session ‘Frankenstein’s Support Workers’ and we asked the Storm & Thunder Team to imagine we could create a good and bad support worker by putting all the best and worst bits […]

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