Venue Reality

Venue Reality was a project to create 360 degree video tours of music venues in Brighton and Hove. The films were all made by people with learning disabilities.

Technical assistance came from Make Real and the loan of the camera was thanks to the people at Google Daydream

You can read more about the project here and watch more of the films

Tent One: Punk/indie stage

Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat

The Stensager Rockers

Meteor Hitting Earth

Richard Rock N Roll

Heavy Load

Tent Three: Indie

Stage Four: Dance / Hip Hop

Mr Skrapz

DJ Ivon

The Hip Hoppers

Dr Judge


MC Kilmartin

Tra La La Blip

MC Heavon

Leroy Moore

Stage Five: World / Acoustic

Kolaboras Angklung & Gamelan


Benzy Kumar





Down Syndrome Nigeria

Sujeet Desai

Stage Six: Rock / Metal

This project was in partnership with Brighton based VR studio Make Real using a Google Jump camera kindly leant to us by the people at Google Day Dream.

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