Grassroots charity promoting the right for people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives

Success Stories - From the CEO of a support provider

So much, where to begin?

People getting a real choice about music, venue, and buddies (with Gig Buddies).

People learning to be DJ’s and then entertaining other people (Kiss My Disco).

Getting commissioners to raise the bar on expectations about Staying up Late (or choice.

Campaigning; people putting on events for themselves, creating artwork for posters and websites, producing t-shirts and other materials, then selling products at events, enabling confidence building and handling money.


Talks to professionals, work in primary school (raising awareness), anti hate crime work, writing a song, or should I say rewriting a song and getting original artists to endorse; and the ultimate in inclusion Glastonbury, Liberty Festival, New York, mainstream cinema and the Beeb through work of Heavy Load.

I urge everyone to support this inspirational group of people & wonderful charity. X