I may not be an avid concert goer or punk band groupie but I do like trains! So when I had the opportunity to get up very early (a 5am start) and Stay Up Late (I got home at 1-45am the next day) I was very pleased if not just a wee bit tired. My wonderful day involved travelling up to London Victoria where I caught the ‘The Cathedrals Express’ Steam train with my support worker. The train took us all the way down to Exeter in Devon.

I love train rides and had a seat by the window which was just perfect for me as I like to rest my head against the window so I can feel and hear the motion of the train. This makes me smile a lot and hum; a sure sign that I am relaxed. As we travelled through the countryside I enjoyed some refreshments and ‘people watching’ before disembarking at our destination just in time for lunch.

Back at the station it was noisy and busy as the steam train got ready to depart and lots of people were taking photographs of the engine. Travelling through the night was quite different for both of us and I finally made it back to Seaford in the small hours of the next morning.

Chris, Seaford, East Sussex

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