Storm and Thunder Team meeting – March 2016

The team met in March, this time in Marwoods cafe, to plan an info event for new gig buddies and the gig buddies birthday party.

This months Storm and Thunder meeting was in Marwoods cafe - great coffee!

This months Storm and Thunder meeting was in Marwoods cafe – great coffee!

Who was there?

Luc, Sam, Bernie, David, Jamie, Chris L, Claire, Madeline, Paul

The Gig Buddies info afternoon

Madeline had planned to hold an information day for new gig buddies participants in Brighton. The team planned what this would need to involve.

  • It would need to tell a new person what it was all about.
  • It would need to tell somebody that gig buddies is all about their life, not anybody elses!
  • It would need to put across what a gig was like, including:
  • It’s really good fun!
  • It’s the kind of thing you won’t really know what it’s like until you go.
  • They can be really loud or more quiet.
  • There can be nowhere to sit, or it could be seated.
  • It can be hot, crowded and sweaty!!
  • The info event would also need to tell people how to plan things with their buddy.

Gig Buddies birthday party

We are putting on a Gig Buddies 3rd birthday party on March 30th, so we worked out the details for:

  • Music – Chris L is going to DJ so Chris and Mads to pop into Sticky Mikes. David also to do a set.
  • Face-painting / fancy dress / photo booth – Maria and Holly to do this – lots of bowie zigzags!! The photo booth to have a red and gold / black theme.
  • There could also be bowtie making with bernie!
  • Party bags – to include a bunch of stay up late stuff.
  • Pizza (what times / how much)
  • Decoration? Need to get lots of balloons. Already have SUL ones so can use these. Bring rainbow flags as well.
  • David offered to make a birthday cake!

Dinner buddies

  • Luc, Chris R and David are taking part in the first round of dinner buddies! They gave an update on where they were at with planning for this.

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