Storm and Thunder minutes 8.9.17

Who was at The Meeting

Kate, Paul, Harri, Dan, Chris, Claire, Bernie and Holly


Who Couldn’t Make it

David, Jamie, Rami and Chris Rider


News From The Storm and Thunder Team

Dan – Fun Science Workshop this Week with Stay Up Late. Did last Puppet show and ate some messy Watermelon.

Claire + Chris – went To Bristol To See Imogen as a Surprise with Claire. Went To See Boy Zone Live in Hastings. Chris got The Train home from Bristol on his own back. Did a gig at the View Pub for Heart Venture.

Paul – Attended launch of Gig Buddies Croydon and Portsmouth. Went To a nice Gig recently!

Kate – went to a gig in Bexhill at the De La Warr


An idea for a Gig Buddies social

There was a news story about a rave for Adults with Learning Disabilities and lots of positive responses. But it was on from 6pm until 9pm. That’s not a rave! We will arrange a Gig Buddies Social and Stay Up Late followed by a Breakfast at Buddies! We Will pick up a Central route with accessible Venues. Those who need it can get a cab. We will help with Travel home.


Chris Rider would like to do a sponsored walk to raise funds for a bench in Simon Barker’s memory.

Do we have any other ideas instead of a bench? Could we put a plaque somewhere he liked to go? Could we award someone with a ‘keeping it punk’ award in memory of Simon? Could we end our walk in George Street, where Simon spent some of his time?

We could link this new award to the Gig Buddies awards for 5th Birthday Party We could also announce it at The A.G.M. so people have time to vote.


We are having a fundraiser in December in our office.

We have invited local businesses to come and chat to us and have a cake. We will also have live music. Storm and Thunder can be here to chat to people about about Gig Buddies. Could Dan do a puppet show?


We are going to make a film for the AGM showing what we did over the last Year.

If you go out with your Gig Buddy could you take a video for us to add to the film. We would ask David to put a film together. We could announce gig Buddy awards at the end of the film.

Highlights of the year including – Wild Rainbows being set up, Ping Pong Party for Gig Buddies 4th birthday, Dan doing Puppet shows and Festivals we have been to.


We read Through the Script Paul and Ned wrote about Staying safe at night.

This will Soon be comic Strip once Ned was drawn the Pictures and we can share it with other gig Buddies to help them stay safe at night.

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