Storm and Thunder meeting May 2017

News from the Storm and Thunder team

Claire – Gardening, Newsletter

Chris Rider – Going on Activities Been working at The R.S.P.C.A. Fed Some Creepy Crawlies

Tom – Looking For Flats To Be Independent

Daniel – Went To Every Sort Of Peoples Festival at Lewes

Luc – Helped To With Research

Bernie – Went To The Every Sort Of People Festival Went To The Pub Called Pricilla’s

Jamie – is going To Butlins With Spiral

Rami – Worked as a Steward at The Brighton Centre

Creating some questions for the Jenga game that we will take Glastonbury

We need to Create Some Questions to Stick on Jenga pieces as Conversation game at Glastonbury whilst people are waiting for us to paint their face.

Here are some Questions we came up with

  1. Do You Mind Loud music?
  2. Do You Like Camping?
  3. Do You Like walking around The field?
  4. How Often Do You Go Out With Your Friends?
  5. Have You Ever Felt Lonely?
  6. What Was Your favourite Gig?
  7. Do You Like going away more than 5 Days?
  8. Would You Like Your Face Painted?
  9. How Much would You Pay for a Gig?
  10. What is Your Favourite Band?


How can we ask about Gender preferences in the application form?

On Our application form for Participants we ask ‘would you prefer a male or female Volunteer?’

But Some Of Our Volunteers don’t identify this way.

Can We Change the Questions to ‘Do You have a Preference on the gender of Your Volunteer?’

We agreed yes and said ‘as long as they are helpful I don’t mind their gender’ and ‘everyone is Equal’ but it would be nice to have the option.


Making videos for National Volunteers Week to say thanks!

Soon it will be National Volunteers week to Celebrate fab Volunteers! We Created some short Clips and Pictures to say why we are having gig buddies and appreciate our Volunteers. These will be on Facebook and Twitter Soon

Other business

  1. Dan’s puppet workshop

Dan will Plan a Puppet Workshop and invite you are Soon.

  1. Gig Buddies App

Kate is planning what a Gig Buddies app would look like and wanted some advice. An App is on a Smart Phone and You Download it onto Your phone to use.

The App will allow Volunteers to Check in and Out for Safety.

Allow Buddies to rate Gigs and Comment of Venues and accessible. We all agreed this was great and added could we have a button to let gig buddies staff know if we hadn’t seen our gig buddy for a while.

However some people don’t have phones or access to the Internet.

  1. PASS Cards as ID documents

Finally Harri told us about Pass Cards to use for I.D. when out in the evening. Luc Brought this up at The AGM and this is the Cheapest I.D. that is most recognised. It Costs £15.00 and more Information will be in the Newsletter about how to apply.




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