Storm and Thunder meeting 16-6-2017

Storm and Thunder Meeting   Friday 16/06/17


News from the Storm and Thunder meeting

Chris Rider – has Been To Lanzarote

Victoria – Busy Working This Week, Boiler Blew Up and has Holiday in August to Burnley to see family

Harri – Saw a Friend not seen for 2 Years, got a Social Tonight

Holly – went to Wildlife festival at the weekend

Chris Love – Busy working inn SUL + Reception Work

Claire – Secret Gig with Madeline soon

Daniel – What Haven’t I done! Went to meeting with Harri in Hastings and Running around the CountrySide

Tom – Sorting out Glastonbury, Music Quiz went well had 40 teams!

Bernie – 1st Gig with New Buddy saw drag Queen at the Revenge

Luc – Watched James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies Movie

Jamie – Watching news + Tragedy in Fire in Flats in London. Weather Humid getting hot.

Joe – Visited Devon + Took brother Camping

Paul – Realised Tent Zip in broken for Glastonbury so need a new one, Toe is Better! Family Party last Saturday


Paul has exciting news about funding we have received

  1. we have a small pot of money to run a science workshop making electronic instruments. We will run the workshop on 5th September.


  1. We have funding to make more Stay Up Late guides. We have made one alcohol guide with cartoonist Ned already. We will now work with the Wild Rainbows and create a guide about how to stay safe when staying up late.


We discussed ideas for summer gig buddy socials

Walking Tour around Pubs

Darts Pool @ Harley’s

Rockhouse Festival

Lewes Football Match

Picnic or BBQ on Beach

Happiness walk

Swing Ball or Sports

Lazer Quest

Day Out

Bikes Hire

Always Continue to Do Music Ones

Guildford Festival – Free Tickets

Salsa Dancing

Haunted House All Nighter

Big Screen on The Beach


We spoke about labels and what we like to be called

First we wrote down all the labels we might have in our life….



Then we discussed what people with learning disabilities might be called by the services they use.


Some people said they hate the term ‘service user’. They don’t mind it when it is written on letters that are important i.e. from the council but they don’t like it when it is on a personal letter or email from someone they have known for ages.


The term ‘client’ is ok when it is from people that are actually supporting you. Although we discussed how client is used for other roles, i.e. when using a solicitor for a paid service, but do people with learning disabilities have as much power over their money?


Everyone agreed the term ‘participants’ is fine and we should continue to use it for our project. We also might use the phrase ‘people that we work with’.


We also discussed that before one of our gig buddies joins us on an event we should ask if it is ok to tell people that they have a learning disability when we tell people about our project.


Finally we discussed some issues with have with socials

Sometimes we put on gig buddy socials for our gig buddies but we don’t have many pairs come along.

The team discussed that we should try and call all participants about the event and send the volunteers a text. Chris Love has offered to help Harri with this when he volunteers in the office.

Some people say they see the event on Facebook so we will continue to do this.

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