Storm And Thunder Meeting 06/10/17

Notes from The Storm and Thunder Minutes

Who was At The Meeting:

Chris Love Daniel Chris Rider Luc Bernie Holly and Harri

Who Couldn’t Come:

Claire David Kate Rami Jennie Ellen

News From The Team :

Holly Saw Flaman Scoop last week

Chris Rider Moved Flat into A Nice Big House went Shoosh Wednesday Night

Daniel Had A Journey To Polegate without trsin Problems. Saw Chris Love in Southampton Played by Chance with Fish Too

Harri – Great Lewes Social last Night Lots Of Volenteers come Harri + Dan are remaining the gig and how accessible it is

Luc Played Ping Pong and Horse Riding recently Had good Times with Brother.

Bernie Met Up Last Week for dinner to Gig Buddy Plan gigs together might see Sex Pistols Tribute Band. Did A Walk with Speakout for a Fundraising.


Paul Went Away To Iceland at The Weekend Best Thing was walking up A Mountain and Bathed in a Hot River at the Top.

Chris Love Great Social in Lewes Last Night Blue Camel Club was Good + Busy Great Day Out in Southampton + Saw Daniel

Notes from The Storm and Thunder Minutes

A.G.M. News

  1. This Years Theme is No Bedtimes Hertfordshire Council did an audit and found a lot of Adults with Learning Disabilities were doing something related to Bed at 8:30pm Going To Bed early is the Same as leaving nights early it will be a world café style Annual General Meeting You will work in a table to solve problems each Round there will be 3 Rounds. It will be upstairs in the Church. The Gig is going ahead. Heavy Load will play but the Lead Singer in Songs Chris Love will D.J. Inbetween Bands.

          Christmas Party Ideas

  1. We Discussed Christmas Party ideas Dan would like To Do a Christmas Speech. Dan would like a meal. Could Harri do one over in Hastings for people who can’t travel to brighton. How about Panto in Hastings Search free in Brighton or do.

          Gig Buddys A.P.P.

  1. Stay Up Late team had a meeting about a Gig Buddies app. Use it to rate gigs but also to Chat with Other Gig buddies. There should be a desktop version if people can’t have apps on their phone. Stay Up Late could run a tutorial Workshop for the app. Have a list of gig buddies Socials and and List of people going.

         FundRaiser Walk For Simon

  1. Chris wants to do a walk for Simon He would rather it in the day so everyone can join pier To George Street. Have an accessible part or jump on bus to end. Go To A Pub on George Street. Bollocks World record? Chris will do a proposal plan today.


Dan Bernie Chris love and Chris Rider would like to put it in a newsletter

Dates Coming Up:


Friday 3rd November: Stay Up Late Clubbing Night


Friday 1st December = Stay Up Late Fundraiser


Wednesday 6th December Mick Artistic Gig At The Komedia Brighton




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