Storm and Thunder Team Meeting Minutes, 21/7/15

Who is present?

  • Madeline
  • Kate
  • Jade
  • Monica
  • Bernie
  • Claire
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Jamie

Group Agreement

  • No mobile phones
  • Really listen to each other when somebody is talking
  • Share ideas



  • News!
  • Venues!
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Biographies
  • Trustees Meeting
  • Volunteering for Stay Up Late


  • General: Kiss My Disco tomorrow night at Eastbourne
  • Jamie: Ordered a Red Bowling Jersey- will bring it to the next meeting. There is beautiful Weather
  • Monica: Organising busking event
  • Jade: Writing, reading and finding information
  • Daniel: Became a trustee, Mr Cow is also a trustee
  • Madeline: Was in Scotland, loads of sun towards the end but rainy at the beginning of the holiday
  • David: Went to Glastonbury. The highlight was seeing Kanye make a prat of himself and ruin the Queen song
  • Bernie: Has pictures from the Magna Carter trip, and friend is coming down from Southend – Birthday and then Pride
  • Claire: On Saturday went to Lewes Carousel Beat Express
  • Kate: Still recovering from Glastonbury, was really honoured to spend it with everyone – highlight of her year! There will be no more news ’til 2016!


We’re going to have a think about what our dream venues are like in preparation for mystery shopping:

  • Is it somewhere that you can have a dance?
  • Is it somewhere that you could do karaoke?
  • Is it somewhere with a DJ?
  • It might be a quieter seated place?
  • You might like a bandstand?


People’s preferences:


  • Prefers big venues where everyone can get a bit lost
  • Both options – sit down & stand up
  • 60s 70s music like the Moody Blues
  • It’s good when he can get an autograph


  • Prefers air-conditioned bars or theatres,
  • Open music
  • Friendly
  • Good stage performances
  • Lights and lasers
  • Dramatic show


Kate and Claire

  • Lots of choices,
  • Like an easy layout and good signs (E.g. Green Door Store)
  • Should have a lift
  • Dance floor
  • Being able to go out in a big group
  • You can find things independently in the Funky Fish near Audio/Patterns.
  • It’s a different experience when you go in as a customer as opposed to performer – as a performer they treat you a bit differently. When they were in Belgium they got free drinks at 10am! It was fun while it lasted- You’ve got to take full advantage of these things!


Mystery Shopping

What is Mysetery shopping?

  • Mystery Shopping is where you go along to a gig of your choice or something that you want to go to and when you’re there you do volunteer work in exchange for your ticket
  • You look at how accessible the venue is at the gig – you might look at where the lift is, how easy the signs are to read, how helpful the staff are.
  • It is work experience that you can put down on your CV.
  • You get a free ticket and in exchange you have to fill out forms assessing the venue’s accessibility.

Can you go to anything?!

  • It has to be live music

How does it work?

  • You fill out a registration form
  • You look at the list of venues that they want to be mystery shopped and pick out one you like the look of
  • You find a gig you’d like to go to at the venue
  • You then send an email to Mandy, and if she approves it, you can go out to mystery shop



  • Jamie read out his biography
  • Daniel reads out his biography
  • David read out his biography
  • Claire read out her write up on Glastonbury Festival.





Trustees Meeting

  • Daniel read out the minutes he made from the8 last Trustees meeting.
  • He has used the origonal set of minutes and changed them, writng them in easy-read to make them more accessible.
  • Daniel will be making minutes like this after every Trustees meeting and feeding back to the Storm and Thunder Team on what is happening at the Trustees meetings.



Volunteering with Stay Up Late

  • This will be discussed in the next Storm and Thunder meeting

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