Meeting notes: – Storm and Thunder team 17th Nov ’15

Today we talked about Gig Meet-ups

These are the meeting notes from our latest Storm and Thunder team.

Meeting notes: - Storm and Thunder team 17th Nov '15

Meeting notes: - Storm and Thunder team 17th Nov '15

Meeting notes: – Storm and Thunder team 17th Nov ’15

Who was there?

Daniel, David, Jamie, Bernie, Chris R, Claire, Chris L

We shared some news. We did some planning for the Learning Disability today conference including choosing all the final ideas for the Stay Up Late Wheel of Fortune!

We asked the group – Why do we have a Storm and Thunder team (Advisory Group)

To feed Mr Cow

To share news

To talk about what is happening in our lives or in the wider world

To meet up before going to the Rock house Social

To discuss things

To see and meet friends

To give ideas

To keep Maddy on her toes!

To help improve Gig Buddies

Help achieve Stay up Late

Help plan events

Eat biscuits and drink tea

This will help us when we start another Storm & thunder group in Lewes in the new year. We are doing this to make it more inclusive for other gig buddy members to access in east sussex and the group is getting quite big now!

We talked about our idea for ‘gig meet ups’

Madeline said – We want to support people to meet up and go to a gig in their local area each month.

We already do this with Gig Buddies socials, but we find it harder to recruit volunteers in parts of East Sussex, and we want to make sure that people waiting for a gig buddy don’t miss out there.

We also want to ensure that people get supported to go out every month, even if their gig buddy isn’t able to help them that month.

Here’s what the Storm & Thunder team thought about it –

It would be really useful for people who are stuck somewhere

We need to make sure we have people who are nice – no bad language

Current gig buddies are welcome and could look after the new ones by –being there with them, making sure they fit in, help people not to be isolated.

Let’s do it!

Find out more about what gigs are going on by checking out our Gig Buddies Gig Listings pages.

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