‘Sticking it to the man’ – with Discount Sticker Printing

  •  PaulR
  •  05/09/2022
  •  News

We love stickers at Stay Up Late, we’ve always used them from the days of Heavy Load as they’re a great way of getting our message across. We use them to advertise our #NoBedrooms campaign and also hand out hundreds in the Brighton Pride parade every year asking people to volunteer for us.

I also find them a great way of free advertising when I’m working on my laptop on the train. (I sometimes see people looking at my ‘The Queen Mother’s Dead’ and ‘Gay at Weekends’ ones though with quizzical looks on their faces – they’ve clearly not heard of Heavy Load!)

So we were very excited to get an offer of support from the lovely people at Discount Sticker Printing, here’s a photo above of the #NoBedtimes stickers they did for us which are part of our campaign resources.

Now we’re going to be asking our advisory groups for their ideas for our next sticker designs to help spread the word even further.

Thank you Discount Sticker Printing for supporting our work.

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