Staying up late in Peterborough by Emily Shanahan

Staying up late in Peterborough by Emily Shanahan

Emily became a Stay Up Late Ambassador after speaking so brilliantly for us at our (Un)Ordinary Conference back in March. We don’t just want our Ambassadors to talk about staying up late though. We want them to live it, too – and have some fun!

Emily writes:

“I went to Peterborough on holiday for a few days with my friend and our support workers.  We went to a beer festival and stayed up late. We didn’t have to go to bed early and we got to choose what we did. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures.”

You can watch the video of Emily speaking at our (un)Ordinary Conference here:

As an Ambassador for our charity Emily says:

“I have Autism, Elhers Danlos syndrome and dyspraxia and I am also a part time wheelchair user. Before I received support, I used to be lonely and didn’t have many friends. But now I have support I have made new friends. Since I started receiving support, I’m a rainbow leader, I’m part of a cheerleading team I attend a weekly disco where I have been able to make new friends and gained the confidence to speak to new people on my own and go up dancing. Having support has just given me more confidence in general which has had a positive impact on my whole life.”

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