Staying Up Late in British Columbia, Canada

Road trip!!

We’re glad to see the #NoBedtimes message is spreading. Here’s a photo from a group of people from Semiahoo House Society in South Surrey. British Columbia, Canada.

They went on a 3 day road trip with their support staff as they headed off for the ‘Inclusion BC 2019 conference’

– they had no schedule, no shifts that start and end, not too many “policies hanging over their heads” (as they put it) and naturally ‘No Bedtimes!’ – and what was the result?

Well an ordinary party unfolded and everybody had a great time.

We’re off on the road too

We’re off on our own annual adventure to Glastonbury Festival again next week. We hope we have as much fun as the group from Semiahoo House Society.

The word is spreading

We love it when we hear stories like this – we often have no idea of knowing how far and wide our message has spread and as I was writing this update we had an email telling us our message was being discussed at a recent provider conference in Colorado, US. A man had been inspired by our work and instead of going to bed at 9.30pm every night he now stays up to midnight. All because he’d heard of us!

If you have a similar story we’d love to hear it.

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