Stay Up Late survey launched today

  •  PaulR
  •  12/05/2011
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Stay Up Late survey – out now!
Since starting Stay Up Late we’ve been amazed at how far the word has spread, and also been sad at what a widespread issue it is for people with learning disabilities. There’s been loads of noise made about the campaign to say that people with learning disabilities are not being able to make enough choices about the way they live their lives, and we now want to see what more we can do about this, to try and make changes. To start with we want to find out what impact Stay Up Late has had so far, which will then help us to plan what we’re doing next. So we’d be really grateful if you could take 10 minutes to complete this short survey. (If you want a paper version or an easier to read version send us an email and we’ll sort one out for you.) There are 3 versions for people with learning disabilities, friends/family and support providers/organistaions.

Please could you send in your replies by 31st May?

Survey for Providers (click here)

Easier read version (click here)
Friends and family version
(click here)

If you would prefer a paper version of the survey please let us know – send us an email through the contact form on this website

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