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  •  03/08/2017
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We’ve been a bit quiet lately, not because we’ve not been up to much, but because we’ve been up to a lot supporting gig buddies to work at Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals. We’re all back down to earth now and have lots to tell you in the coming months. Here’s some of the latest Stay Up Late news

For now here’s a few things that we’ve been up to…

Stay Up Late news

Come to our annual general meeting – 28th Oct

We’d love to have you come to our Annual General Meeting this year where we’ll be thinking creatively about how to end the practice of adults with learning disabilities being told what time they have to go to bed. Find out more, and book your free ticket, here.

Stay Up Late news

Heavy Load are back!

That’s right, the band that started off the whole Stay Up Late campaign are back, and for one night only. They’ll be playing at the Green Door Store, Brighton on 28th Oct.

Find out more, and book your tickets here.

Stay Up Late news

Kat’s fundraising page

Meet the might Kat Thay who’s doing the Brighton Triathlon, which is the Olympic distance, to raise funds for our Gig Buddies project. Thank you Kat – a real wonder woman! See her fundraising page here.

Stay Up Late news

Follow what we’re up to on Instagram

We’ve been telling our story of the summer so far through our Instagram pictures – check out what we got up to at Glastonbury, Latitude and Disability Pride and a taster of what to expect from Brighton Pride this coming weekend.

Stay Up Late news

Paul’s talk at Pechakucha Brighton

Pechakucha is a style of presenting where there are 20 slides, you get 20 seconds per slide and they move on automatically meaning that a talk can never be more than 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. A perfect way to make sure Paul doesn’t go on too long!

Here’s his talk from a Pechakucha Brighton event.

Do you run club nights?

We’re always wanting to hear what’s going on round the country so we’re inviting people who organise, and take part in, club nights for people with learning disabilities to tell us about what’s going on where they live.

We don’t need you to write too much, and we’d love some photos too, and we’ve written a short document with some questions that you might want to think about when writing your article. 

Download the blog outline ideas here

We’d love to hear from you.

More Stay Up Late news coming soon

And we’ve got some big news!!

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