Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies – launching our Green Charter

Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies

Our Green Charter

As a charity we’ve been thinking about our impact on the environment recently. Although we are a small organisation we still want to do our bit to help make the world a greener place. As well as Stay Up Late staff, a number of our participants have been involved in these discussions, too. Two of our advisory groups, the Storm & Thunder team for Brighton and the Wise Owls group for East Sussex, both held green workshops recently.

In these creative sessions they decided on both the pledges they wanted to make as individuals and the pledges they would like us as a charity to make . We are therefore delighted to launch our Green Charter which talks about some of the changes we made in the previous year and the things we are committed to doing this year.

Our Green Charter

What we did in 2019

  • Changed all our paper to recycled.
  • Stopped buying single use plastic wherever possible including packaged fruit.
  • Separated our recycling to be able to recycle more.
  • Buy tea and coffee in bulk to limit packaging.
  • Refill our washing up liquid bottles at a local refill store.
  • Stop buying pens that are not recyclable and choosing pencils instead.
  • Only serve veggie and vegan food at volunteer training.
  • Offer our staff a cycling incentive at work where if they cycle rather than drive they can claim travel.
  • Some staff using Ecosia search engine which plants trees as you search instead of Google.

What we commit to do in 2020

  • Get recycling and composting sorted.
  • Sign up to be a named business in the surfers against sewage pledge to cut our plastic waste by 50%.
  • Buy milk in glass bottles.
  • Choose supermarkets that are making their own eco commitments.
  • Encourage our ambassadors and advisory groups to avoid single use plastic when they visit and make use of our more eco-friendly drink options!
  • We provide squash, juice or canned drinks.

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