Stay Up Late AGM outputs – 2013

At this year’s AGM we thought we’d try thing differently, and once we’d done all the legal things we’re required to at our AGM we spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about our vision for Stay Up Late. We also tweeted out the questions we were discussing and thanks to everyone who contributed from out the in the twittersphere.

These are the results of our discussions and will form the basis for our ongoing work over the coming year. You can also download this as PDF (at the end of the article).

What’s great about Stay Up Late?

Our people:

  • We are committed to what we’re trying to achieve
  • We find inspiration in the people we work with and the people we work for
  • We have energy, drive and passion for what we’re trying to achieve

Our approach:

  • We are flexible – we value structure but we’re out to innovate
  • We are not precious, we’re up for challenge and doing things differently
  • We have a can-do attitude – it’s not about ‘if’, it’s about ‘when’.
  • We are lead by the people we exist to serve
  • We have a simple but powerful message that is hard not to support and makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Our purpose:

  • We are here to make the obvious impossible to ignore
  • We are out to create true equality and free self-expression
  • We want to break collusion and get rid of the labels that hold us all back
  • We create inclusive relationships – friendship over ‘carer’-ship
  • What we do connects with us, and others, at a deep level

What are Stay Up Late’s goals for 2015?

Our long term goals are:

  • Making inclusion in social activities natural, mainstream and unquestionable
  • Getting the public to see people with interests, not people with or without disabilities
  • Achieving social and cultural change that makes us unnecessary

Our goals for 2015 are to:

  • Make a good social life one of the criteria for scoring care homes
  • Add accessibility to the list of criteria for making venue licensing decisions
  • Get inclusive social opportunities factored into UK city of culture guidance criteria

To help us succeed we will:

  • Be recognised and influential in the UK and across the globe
  • Have a training programme available across the UK with online access
  • Use an open, flexible business model that meets everyone’s needs
  • Stage a national music festival, curated and lead by people with learning disabilities
  • Employ more, full time staff that include people with learning disabilities
  • Provide solutions and run projects that are realistic and affordable
  • Have fun!

How will we create influence without scale?

Developing our structure

By growing a bit more to get to a size where we have a small team of full-time people and creating clear trustee roles that match skills, time and Stay Up Late’s needs

Building our networks

Making the most of our partnerships and growing our network – finding more opportunities to attract well-connected volunteers, partnering with blogs and offline publications, asking more people to carry our messages for us, systematically sharing our work through social media, PR and marketing.

Creating our model

Develop an operating model that is mutually beneficial – offering the value of our knowledge, experience and brand in return for delivering on our mission and a payment/donation (‘pay what you like’ model?) to help sustain and develop what we do.

Providing the right tools

Create a networked tool-kit that includes our brand, spokespeople, stories, guidelines, that people can call on and pick and choose from, for their specific needs. Making sure we have systems that make it easy to submit ideas and stories.

Modeling the change

Find and develop more opportunities to create the change – getting reporters with learning disabilities into mainstream press, gig buddy reports in a national paper – showing the change and sharing the campaign messages.

Telling stories and having fun

Telling and gathering more stories – through the gig buddies volunteers/buddy reviews, our website, social media, our partnerships. Keeping our ideas fun and funny e.g. dating style write-up of buddies and volunteers meeting.

Next steps:

1. Networks and platforms: Paul and Gus to talk about a partnership with the forthcoming Mencap blog’s project

2. Creating our model: Madeline and the Gig Buddies sub-committee to meet as soon as there is feedback from the first wave of gigs to agree:

  • how to create the Gig Buddies manifesto/what it contains
  • what the donation/funding/business model is
  • how to run the second iteration – a pilot in another area

3. Developing our plans: everyone to review and feedback on this document, then:

  • Revise and/or agree the goals for 2015
  • Propose a forum for creating the milestones
  • Run a collaborative session that develops our plan of activities

Download Stay Up Late AGM outputs 2013 as a PDF

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