Stay Up Late at Be Free Festival

We’ve been looking back over the past year and wanted to share something else we got involved in last September, the awesome Be Free Festival organised by Paradigm.


Here’s a write-up about our contribution:

Stay up Late were invited to facilitate 2 song writing workshops at the very first Be free festival, set up to be accessible for adults with learning disabilities.

We decided to make the workshop in keeping with the theme of ‘being free’.

It was led by 3 people from Stay Up Late (1 leader with learning disabilities and 2 staff members) including a warm up by the leader and a discussion about what what we would be doing.


The first half of the workshop was an informal discussion in small groups, and we discussed these three questions:

What makes us feel free?

·      What gets in the way of being free?

·      How can we get rid of the things in the way us being free?

The second half of the workshop was turning people’s discussion into three verses to form a song, and a chorus. We also talked about what our favourite song lyrics were and what makes a good song.


We repeated the workshop in the afternoon with more participants and at the end we recorded both songs and then were invited to perform it in front of everyone at the end of the day.

Here’s the songs we created

I am free to be like me

When I am free

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