Social work consultation – making a meal of it!

Why we’re making a meal of social work consultation

This is an idea that started in a pub over a pint of beer with Jem Price, a senior social work lecturer from the University of Brighton. Me and Jem were pondering how we could create a much more meaningful way of enabling people with a lived experience of support to inform social work students, and that’s when we came up with what we think is a really simple idea for a social work consultation project.

Classrooms and lecture rooms can be quite intimidating, and not exactly comfortable, places to share your personal story and we were trying to think of a way that put the power back in to the hands of those people. As I said this all happened in a nice pub in Brighton and it occurred to me that maybe that was the answer. We have consultation sessions in a relaxed and comfortable place and have a meal too, as a way of creating equality, and also a much more natural way to chat.

So that’s what we’re going to do, and we’re looking for 6 people with learning disabilities to take part in this project. The outcome of which will be published as a piece of academic research.

We’re making a meal of things, & we want you to help!

Social work consultation

Do you have a learning disability?

Social work consultation

Have you had contact with a social worker in the past year?

Social work consultation

Would you be happy to share in a meal and talk about your experiences in a relaxed way?

Social work consultation

If you said yes to all 3 questions please read on!

 Volunteers wanted for research project

We’re working with the University of Brighton to try and find a different way for people with learning disabilities to help teach Social Work Students.

To do this we’re going to have 3 relaxed sessions which will be over dinner in a restaurant or pub where we can all chat.

We’re working with Brighton University to find out if there’s a different way for people with learning disabilities to help teach their Social Work students. This project will involve meeting with Social Work students over dinner in a restaurant or pub and chatting.

We are looking for 6 volunteers with learning disabilities.

We will pay for your meal and transport costs.

To find out more please download the application form here

Social work consultation


Please note that you will need to be able to travel in and around Brighton and Hove independently to be part of this project, or be able to organise your own support to get to the meals.

Deadline to get involved – 17th Dec ’16

Please reply by 17th December and we will be in touch with next steps in the new year


For more details contact me at 01273 468168

Social work consultation









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