September 2016 Meeting – Research, Food, Puppets


We talked about the video for volunteer training, meals out together and a project that Daniel is developing around puppetry.


Tuesday 20th September


News sharing

Rami is doing some work casual stewarding with the Brighton Centre. They now use the ‘Thumbs Up campaign’ and have toilets for all.

Claire performed with her band Beat Express last night at the Blue Camel club. Lots of gig buddies were there to watch them rock on.

Bernie has been to the dentist to have some teeth out which felt strange but is feeling better.

Review of what we did last time

We made films about what is means to have a learning disability. Madeline said it was really nice that everyone had different ideas to add.

Rami said it would be good for us to refer to the thumbs up campaign at gig buddies. This is used by local buisnesses that promise to provide good customer service to people with learning disabilities.

We will include this in our training from now on. Great work guys!

We watched the videos we made last time where each storm and thunder member talked about what it meant to have a learning disability and the people that weren’t there added their videos.

Dan added his comments to add to the video

Dan’s visit to the Rotary Club

Dan feedback about his recent visit to the Rotary Club with Madeline where he spoke about gig buddies and asked them for some funding towards a puppet project.

They both ate a lot of roast dinner!

We talked about our experiences of puppetry – Rami loves puppetry but went to a show that was a bit rude! He’s also seen some beautiful puppet shows though.

Talked about seeing puppet shows – Dan says “I just want to go for it!”

Dan will be playing around with materials and experimenting, but he will be leading a puppet workshop soon – Dan will send a letter out with lists of dates.

The Research Campaign Project

This week we are starting some really exciting work with Ripfa around doing research over the next year.

We are starting with a day’s training in research skills – how to interview people, how to listen and conduct research.

The people that are trained will then work on a voluntary basis on set days over the next year to gather the research.

Meal Voucher!

We were given a meal voucher for storm and thunder as a thank you for having our photos taken for research and practise – we are planning to go to Pizza Face on 16th November. Mads to confirm this later!

Going out after Storm and Thunder

Over the past year it has become traditional to go out at a team after the meeting and before rock house for dinner. We really like doing this but it can be hard to choose somewhere that everyone likes and we need to make sure everyone is happy with the choice so we talked about what we need.

We need it to be accessible.

We need it to be affordable.

Not everyone wants a place that serves alcohol due to religious reasons.

We need it to be on route to rock house.

Suggestions from the group are –

Casa del a pizza– North Street £6.99 pizza/pasta and salad buffet – need to check accessible toilets.

Bombay Aloo – £5.95 indian buffet but stairs to the toilet. Daniel liked it before and might like to go again but needs helps using the stairs. They have another meat one that has a different name?! Check loos!

Pinochios – set price meals and options under £10 – has an accessible toilet.

Café Aldo – food under £10 and accessible toilet.

Franco Manca – great new pizza place – need to check accessibility

Hope & Ruin pub – vegan food and only small steps to the toilet – and they are big supporters of gig buddies.

The bystander café by Brighton station.

Milk No Sugar – Vietnamese curries soups and salads all for about £5 but a bit spicy! and has an accessible toilet

Wahaca – Mexican – good cheap tapas style food – check toilets

La Choza – Mexican – toilet on ground floor but you cant book a table – just show up – check they are open Tuesdays

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