School of Punk Rock – class of 2014

somerhill school

For the past 4 years the wonderful Somerhill Junior School in Hove have been inviting us in to take lessons on their annual disability awareness day. The kids have lessons from a variety of people with different disabilities and our job has been to talk about our times with Heavy Load and the work of our charity in promoting equal communities.

The lessons look like this:

–       Me and Simon do a talk about some of the things we got up to and the movie

–       Give the kids a brief history of punk

–       Explain why keeping things punk is an important thing for all of us to remember

–       Think about language that can hurt people (and watch the That’s Not My Name video)

–       Have a 20 minute speed punk song writing workshop to create, practice and perform a positive song about attitudes towards disability

Once we’ve whipped the kids up in to an angry punk frenzy we then retire for lunch and leave the teachers to pick up the pieces.

They keep asking us back though!

Here’s some of the lyrics from this year’s lessons:


What can you see

You can call me anything you like

But I’ll keep my head up high

I’m just a human living my life


There’s nothing wrong with me

I’m one but not alone

Stop calling me names

Don’t call me special


What can you see

Someone like me

People are equal

We’re all original


People are not aliens

It’s normal to be different

We are all unique

We are all talented and cool


People are not aliens

Imagine yourself in their shoes

People are not aliens

Don’t be a bunch of poos


Don’t underestimate the power

What’s so special about being special?


Be brilliant

We’re equally important

We’re an inspiration

We want freedom

And we can be helpful


Acceptance, disability, respect we’re all unique

Acceptance, disability, respect we’re all unique


Be enthusiastic

Be brilliant

Listen to what we have to say

Oi, Oi, Oi.


Thanks again Somerhill School for inviting us in and for the amazing work you’re doing in creating great future citizens and communities. We think you’re brilliant.



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