Reasons to be miserable – part one

  •  PaulR
  •  19/04/2023
  •  News

Reasons to be miserable – part one

We’ve been talking to lots of people recently about the ‘reasons’ given as to why people with learning disabilities have to leave nights out early.

We’re sure that for a small group of people there can be very good reasons (such as health needs) but for most of us the only reason that we go home early should be because that’s what we choose to do.

We might choose to go home early because we’ve got work the next day, we’re tired, or the music’s crap. Those are all good reasons to go home early, being told to go home early due to rotas, handovers, to take medication or because you all need to get in the same minibus are not good reasons.

In this post Paul, our Executive Director, looks at this issue and suggests the solution – which is simply a change in the way we regard people with learning disabilities and taking personal responsibility in our work places for shaping positive cultures.

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