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  •  14/02/2018
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We’re launching a new website called ‘Punks In The Community’ to shine a light on positive people doing great stuff in their communities.

Punks In The Community

As a small charity, with a punk attitude, we’re often asked by people how we do things and what our secret is, and the fact is that we know there’s loads of great groups and organisations out there who are also being disruptive in great ways and improving the lives of their communities as a result.

The problem often is that they’re so busy doing great stuff they don’t have a whole lot of time to spend online telling the rest of the world about it. But they will certainly have lessons they can all teach the rest of us.

How will Punks In The Community work?

This is a totally unfunded project, and you’ll also see from the website at the moment there’s not much on there. But in the true spirit of punk we don’t care at the moment. We just want to get the project going and see if other people want to join us.

How to get involved

All you need to do is send us a few words based on these questions and a nice photo showing your work in action.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

What’s in it for Stay Up Late?

There’s been so much negativity lately about charities like Oxfam, who do great work, but have seized on by elements in the press to further beat up the charity sector. It’s not fair, there’s 183,000 charities in the UK, most of who are tiny, and we just want to share other peoples’s great work and use our networks, and your networks, to try and help make the world a better place.

What’s in it for you?

Exactly the same as what’s in it for us!

We’ll also ask you to share this round your networks and we’ll see how it grows as an idea. (We’ve not got any funding for this – it’s just something we’re passionate about doing and experimenting with as an idea).

Do you need to be a punk?

No! Punk for us is all about an attitude of being disruptive, challenging convention and making things happen. You can love X-Factor for all we care (or maybe we do actually draw the line there thinking about it!)

Here’s an article that looks a bit more about what we think the beauty of a punk attitude is in social care.

But in a nutshell ‘keeping it punk’ for us is all about:

  • Seizing on opportunities
  • Working out how to do things as you go
  • Doing it Yourself
  • Being dynamic
  • Taking risks
  • And above all else, making things happen!

But it’s NEVER about being reckless in a way that will harm people, and of course always trying to be fair to people (and being legal!)

What sort of projects do you want?

We really want to share peoples’ approaches from across a wide range of groups and organisations so this isn’t just about groups that support people with learning disabilities, we want to hear from groups that work with any marginalised group of people, or are knitting together their communities in new and interesting ways.

Want to get involved?

Just send your article to me and we’ll start populating our new ‘Punks In The Community’ website with your stories.

We’re also going to maintain some editorial control so we can show a broad range of groups and projects.

Get in touch now and tell us about your Punks In The Community work.

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