Podcast episode 4 – Being a volunteer

Podcast Episode 4 – Being a Volunteer

Jaydog and Florence chat to some lovely gig buddy volunteers about hovering puppet birds, what makes a good and bad night out as a buddy and some not so stolen, stolen crap Paul found in the cupboard.

Gig Buddies, Steve and Phoebe, joined us to talk about what it’s like to be a volunteer . If you’re looking to know more about volunteering and what it’ll look like in practice, this is the episode for you! Jaydog thought it would be good to interview both a new buddy and someone who had been matched for a few years to see if they had different experiences and advice to share with us. So we did!

Our volunteers are such an important part of our community and we appreciate everything they do for the project and our community as a whole. THANK YOU! And an extra special thanks to Steve and Phoebe for joining us.

Also, just a reminder we do have a video of the podcast up on youtube (especially as Florence needs to stop silent laughing and leaving gaps in the audio haha).

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